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David Carr Jr Bio

Photo Copyright 2005 J.L. Hunter - CreativeMix.Com        David Carr, Jr. first picked up the saxophone when he was 12 years old. Born July 9th in Denver, Colorado, his family moved and settled in Oklahoma when he was still young. He grew up in Oklahoma, helping out on the family farm, and by the time he was 14, David was playing along side his dad around Oklahoma City. The best advice David says his dad ever gave him was early on when he was struggling to master the sax. David Sr. said, "Just worry about getting the tone. The notes will come." Young David heard the words his dad told him, took them to heart, and soon had that smooth, beautiful tone that we still hear today. David's sound and compositional style is unique and difficult to confine to any one genre. The roots are jazz, but there are aspects of funk, rhythm & blues, and occasionally a bit of an enigmatic element that defies any label. David's first music release was a very limited cassette single, With an Angel/On Top of the One, in 1993. David has released more than a dozen titles over the years, the first full length being, sounds of innosense, released in 1995 on compact disc and cassette. After sounds of innosense came In Too Deep (pre-release Limited Edition CD and final release double CD), I thought You Knew, DCJ4, Who's In There?, the fan requested, long awaited Holiday Melodies Embraced (CD and companion live performance DVD), Sax @ Midnight, HALF A C NOTE (for his 50th birthday), Pure Glass, and the CD, You Know They Say, in 2019. There were assorted pre-release, limited edition, and CD singles here and there throughout.

        David graduated High School in 1978 and joined the United States Marines. After basic training, David was assigned to the Marine Corps Band. After leaving the USMC, David joined the Joker's Wild band in 1980, a ten piece Top 40/R&B band performing around Oklahoma. In 1984, David founded the Funk/Dance band Prelude, and in 1985 moved the act to Dallas. After a time, David felt the need to leave the cover band limitations and began writing his own music. By the early 90s David was a mainstay around the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex, and a key performer at the historic Strictly Tabu (1954-1999), one of the oldest Jazz clubs in Texas. David continues to perform solo and with a full band around North Texas, Oklahoma, and points between. In 2021, David was inducted into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame.

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