I Thought You Knew CD

I Thought You Knew - You - Inspiration - Lotus Blossom - Good
Times - The Embrace - Kavika - Midnight In Martinique - The Beginning - Tip Top - Groove Feel - Eternal Fonk - When She
Dances "LIVE"

      I Thought You Knew is a blend of sweet and funky jazz perfectly balanced for your listening enjoyment.

      I Thought You Knew features Tom Hunter (guitar) on You, Kirk Lewis (guitar/backgraound vocals) on Midnight In Martinique, Candy Williams (background vocals) on Midnight In Martinique, and Althea Faria (spoken french) on The Embrace. The LIVE band on When She Dances: Laurence Lee, Jeffrey Lewis, Kirk Lewis, Steve Carr, and Terry "TP" Morrow.

      The front cover photo, "The Saxman Cometh" is by long time friend and outrageously talented photographer Steven Elliott Hendrix.


Streaming and digital download available atCLICK FOR AMAZON      Or listen at CLICK FOR YOUTUBE


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