"David Carr has the sizzle and groovin' moves that audiences respond to enthusiastically."

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Photo Copyright 2003 Steven Elliott Hendrix        David Carr, Jr. is an irresistible musical force, a perfect storm gaining momentum and showing no signs of letting up. He writes, records, produces and masters all of his soulful music in his own studio. His interpretaion of jazz is distinctive and original. Coupled with his provocative stage presence and innovative stylings, David's smooth and rhythmic sound has been compared with such legendary greats as Grover Washington, Jr. and David Sanborn.

        David has long understood the importance of clean living. He is smoke free, drug free, keeps his alcohol intake moderate, stays active & fit lifting weights (including his 60 pound pet tortoise), plays basketball weekly, and cycles. David knows his lungs and overall health are as important to his playing the sax as his knowledge of the instrument, so a physically destructive lifestyle is unacceptable.

        David's passion for clean living is matched by his passion for music. David's first love is jazz, but his motivations and inspirations carry him beyond simply being a jazz artist to also compose and play within Blues, Country, Rock, and cutting edge experimental genres. David is first and foremost a saxophonist, but he is also adept on other woodwind and wind instruments, keyboards, percussion and is a competent vocalist. His passion extends to working with young musicians through mentoring, and as producer/engineer for his peers. David believes that other musicians and composers are not in competition with him, but rather are part of his musical family.

        David Carr, Jr. loves composing in his studio, but he would not bother creating his music if he couldn't perform live before an audience. Music is meant to be shared, and the relationship between David and his audience is as important to him as the creation process itself. David's fans feel his love for them and respond in kind. David Carr, Jr. is driven by one thing and one thing only... music.


Photo Copyright 2009 DCJ Enterprises        Gone are the days of tape machines and the dependency on analog recording. We still live in an analog world. We must have air to carry sound waves. However, when David plays his sax into his AKG-414 microphone, the sound is immediately converted into a digital signal. From that point on it is all ones and zeros until the mixed and mastered sound comes out of the speakers. Even much of the digital hardware from the past decade is now outmoded. Digital audio tape, mini-disc, and other mechanical digital recording formats are becoming obsolete in favor of recording directly to computer through high end sound cards. External inputs run into David's primary recording system through a multi-channel sound card. David's secondary recording system is networked to the primary system using two multi-channel sound cards as an interface back and forth between the two computers. These two computers have eliminated the necessity of any mechanical recording devices and corded patch bays. At one time it was not uncommon to have a 5 foot tall rack system with a nightmare octopus of cables and plugs to get 16 channels. Now a couple of computers with recording software allows virtually infinite tracks. David is now only limited by hard drive space. David still occasionally uses keyboards, sound modules, and workstations to create specific sounds, but primarily uses his Ensoniq TS-10 Workstation as an interface for the instrument samples already on the computer. In spite of all the technology at his fingertips, David still brings in live musicians to lay tracks for his compositions. No amount of programming can ever substitute for a living, breathing musician.

        David primarily uses Cubase SX software to record, mix, and master his music. The process of multi-track recording is much the same as it always has been. An artist still records each instrument on a separate track. Each track is then lined up to adjust levels and mix the sound, but where once only 4 to 16 tracks could be laid before being mixed and "bounced down" to a single track in order to continue recording, tracks may now be laid ad infinitum. With digital recording there is no loss of signal integrity at any point in the process. The sound is pure.


        David launched Big Toe Records in 1993 with the release of a cassette single containing two songs, With An Angel and On Top Of The One. The cassette single is long out of print and very rare, but a new arrangement of the song, With An Angel has been released on the 2009 Sax@Midnight CD.

       sounds of innosense was David's first full scale commercial project released on CD and cassette. The endearing spoken intro on the title track is a message David's then 5 year old daughter Supora left on his answering machine. This from the start indicates the sincerity of David's music and promises unique and original music to follow.

"Carr's debut CD, 'Sounds of Innosense' is definitely a labor of love, one which saw Carr serving not only as performer, but as writer, producer and engineer."

       The in too deep double CD release party was a major concert event in 2003 at Dallas Market Hall. Jazz Harpist Carlos Guedes and his band opened the show for David. The in too deep double CD was preceded a few years earlier by the In Too Deep Limited Edition CD which contained 2 tracks that would not be included on the final release. Only 500 signed and numbered In Too Deep Limited Edition CDs were made and were sold out within a matter of weeks.

"Listeners can expect 'IN TOO DEEP'... to invade, nurture and replenish the soul as only a David Carr, Jr. composition can."

       I Thought You Knew was pre-released in 2005 at David's 45th Birthday Bash and was the first David Carr, Jr. CD to include a live track. The live track on the CD, When She Dances was recorded at Nana's atop the Dallas Anatole Hotel during the Birthday Bash, then added to the master and rushed off to the plant.

       DCJ4, released in 2007 contains some of the funkiest music in David's catalog and yet for the first time fully orchestrated strings were added to the accompaniment on the ballads. DCJ4 proved once again that David not only leads the jazz pack, but always keeps himself a lap or two ahead.

       Who's In There?, although very much in line with the provocative & unique style that is David Carr, Jr., is a departure from the typical DCJ release. Who's In There? is a "CHILL" CD with ethereal, enigmatic musical stylings riminiscent of new age world music of the 90's. Beautiful and relaxing, these timeless compositions will never grow old.

"This year's new age hunk saxophone player."

       Following the release of Who's In There?, David released Holiday Melodies Embraced with 9 tracks of treasured holiday favorites (including two medleys). David's fans had long been requesting a Christmas CD from him. He met that request and included some of his all-time personal favorites capturing the warmth and emotion of the Christmas season.

       Sax@Midnight: Music for Lovers is passionate and warm, filled with beautiful ballads to be shared in intimate moments. More than 200 guests showed up at the 2009 Valentine's day release party to celebrate the release of the Sax@Midnight CD.

       David's HALF A C NOTE, released in July, 2010 for David's 50th Birthday includes the song Sunset, a long awaited song release co-written with David's long time friend and keyboardest, Laurence Lee.

       David continues to release new music on a regular basis. HALF A C NOTE was followed by, Greatest Hits later in 2010, Pure Glass in 2016, and You Know They Say in 2019. New projects are always in the works, so stay close.

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